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2016 Strategic Initiatives

OAAS Leadership will:

  • Provide Support to OAAS Members
  • Proactively Initiate or Respond to Public Policy and Emerging Trends
  • Implement Activities to Promote the Capacity and Abilities of OAAS Members
  • Promote Employment First

OAAS-Ohio Association of Adult Services -- Strategic Plan

OAAS Leadership Action Steps:

Provide Support to OAAS Members

  • To annually seek member input on current issues and needs.
  • OAAS will serve as a communications clearinghouse for information to member adult services providers through website, Facebook, membership surveys, OAAS E-Blasts, conferences and training.
  • Proactively recruit private day services providers to join OAAS in an effort to promote quality service delivery by all providers.
  • OAAS will support the identified needs of new and existing leaders, including professional development, through training and the provision of various forms of information. OAAS will initiate and encourage the development of peer mentoring relationships.
  • Encourage communication and sharing of information between adult services providers and SSAs.
  • Evaluate the Regional structure and meetings of OAAS regarding how information, resources, peer relations are being responsive to the needs of OAAS Members.
Proactively Initiate or Respond to Public Policy and Emerging Trends

  • The Public Policy Committee will take an active role in influencing changes in rule, public policy and emerging trends that impact the individuals served by OAAS Members.
  • Assist members with operationalizing the implementation of identified Public Policy changes.
  • OAAS will designate board representatives to represent our membership on various statewide committees that affect the provision of services.
  • Promote the concept of collaboration and consensus with other stakeholders representing similar interests and purpose.
Implement Activities to Promote the Capacity and Abilities of OAAS Members

  • Market OAAS member businesses workforce, employment services, and product capabilities through website and other media options.
  • Communicate the capacity and scope of member services and capabilities of OAAS members to the Ohio Department of Development.
  • Use the new interactive website to promote workforce, employment services capacities and products of our membership.
  • Provide resources and training to support OAAS Members going through the transitional processes of changing their service delivery and business model.
Promote Employment First

  • Communicate the position statement of OAAS regarding Employment First. Actively engage in the development of a process, that includes creativity, for members, stakeholders and community members, as appropriate.
  • To provide leadership to members regarding operationalizing the outcomes of the Employment First Initiative. This should lead to improved access and movement of individuals along the path to employment.
  • Work in partnership with other stakeholders to promote best practice in the areas of integrated community employment opportunities that support and encourage all individuals along the path to employment.
  • Reach out to provide support and active assistance to partners in education and vocational rehabilitation to impact the improvement of school to work transitional options and other community integrated employment options.