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jean_rozman_at_parkerThe Ohio Association of Adult Services has been actively involved in setting an agenda for adult services in Ohio for many years. Our position statements are intended to further our mission to provide leadership and promote quality services that are responsive to the needs and choices of individuals served. Position statements are developed with the input of the OAAS membership and represent the thinking of the association as a whole.


Position Statement Regarding Fair Wages for Individuals with Disabilities

The Ohio Association of Adult Services (OAAS) has always, and continues to be, directly involved with state and national organizations who share the goal of increasing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. OAAS strongly supports Ohio’s Employment First Initiative and participates in the State Employment Leadership Network (SELN). Both of these efforts focus on increasing meaningful and rewarding vocational opportunities in the community. OAAS supports the provision of a variety of resources and supports available to assist people with disabilities in earning money. We believe wages at or above minimum wage should be the goal, regardless of the work environment.

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