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What is the purpose of the Ohio Association of Adult Services?

The official mission of OAAS is “To be the voice of Adult Services in Ohio, to provide leadership and to provide quality services that are responsive to the needs and choices of individuals served.”OAAS was formed specifically to serve as a professional network and an information source for adult program administrators. Through numerous channels of communication – regional meetings, email blasts, conferences, training, and website – OAAS provides the up-to-date information members need to effectively manage local services. Through participation in the association members share knowledge and expertise to address issues and solve problems of common concern. OAAS also serves to represent adult services to the larger professional community.

How can I find out more information on the latest events that are happening statewide and in other adult services programs?

Communicating useful and up to date information to OAAS members is of extreme importance to the association. By accessing www.oaas.org, Regional Directors and Ex Officio member’s e-mail addresses are available. Other DD related links are listed on OAAS’s website that provide information regarding upcoming in-services, current topics and more. The OAAS Membership Directory provides staff names, numbers, e-mail addresses and additional websites.

How do not-for-profits apply to get invited to be part of the worker’s compensation pool?

On an annual basis CompManagement, the firm that manages the Worker’s Compensation pool that our association belongs to, invites all active members of OAAS to apply for membership in the pool. CompManagement then reviews the claim history of all applicants. Those non-profits having a positive rating are invited to be members of the pool. Those having excessive claim losses are not admitted. For a fee, CompManagement will provide training and assistance to those non-profits rejected for the pool. The accepted OAAS non-profits become members of the North American Employers Council, Inc. pool. As a member of this pool expected savings are currently 56% to 90% depending upon how positive the non-profit is rated. For further information about becoming a member contact OAAS.

What are the benefits of being a member of OAAS?

Members get the latest information through regular and periodic E-Blasts, our website www.OAAS.org, regional meetings, conferences, or other communications.
Members can market their work centers through the website “Find A Work Center” option, which allows businesses to find work centers that offer capabilities or locations matched to their needs.
OAAS members are eligible for an Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Premium Discount Rating Pool.
OAAS sponsors training throughout the year to assist in the professional growth and development of its members.
Contacting other members, sharing information and technical knowledge, and locating organizations is made easy through the Membership Directory available on our website.

How do I go about telling OAAS about a topic that I think is important for it to address at seminars?

OAAS welcomes ideas for future seminar topics and plans conferences around the interests of our membership. Evaluations are collected at all OAAS conferences and seminars. Part of the evaluation is for attendees to give suggestions for future training topics and/or presenters we should invite. Conference committee members, who are responsible for planning OAAS sponsored training, review those responses. You may contact any of the conference members if you gave suggestions. We are always looking for input. Contact any member of OAAS. You can also direct comments to the OAAS Administrator, under the Officers and Board tab.